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2018 Penghu International Maritime Fireworks Festival

   The “Penghu International Maritime Fireworks Festival” is the most representative international tourism activity. It has also become a high-quality sightseeing brand in this county and is attractive to domestic and foreign tourists. In the past two years, the number of sightseeing tourists in Penghu has hit a new high of one million. Bring considerable economic benefits to this county. This county is rich in tourism resources, renowned for its unique natural landscape and diversified cultural heritage, and the beautiful vision and warm romance created by the fireworks display in the night sky, further creating an international holiday island atmosphere, showing the separation of other counties in Taiwan. City tourism connotation and brand value.


     The county government continuously upholds innovative thinking every year, and urges the Fireworks brand to upgrade and deepen international visibility. Preparations for the 2018 Festival of Fireworks next year have been carried out in succession. It is scheduled to increase the number of holiday holidays from April 26th to June 28th (Monday and Thursday) and May 12th (Saturday) for a total of 20 events.

In addition to the Guanying Pavilion Park in the city of Magong City, this year's main venue will continue the current (106) year activity plan. Five of the venues will be transferred to the other five townships of the county such as Huxi Township,Xiyu Township, Baisha Township, Wang'an Township and Qimei Township. Festival attraction will bring visitors to the five villages to experience and discover the local secret.

 Story of Jiaxianglin 

Jiaxianglin sea view hotel is located next to the Magong Guanyinting Recreation Area,which is
close to "Grandma's Penghu Bay", also the best spot to watch the Penghu Fireworks Festival.
Enjoy the super seaview and glance at the sunset where the sky meets the ocean, and the
hospitality of the hotel owner. The name "Jiaxianglin" has a very special meaning.
It is named after the three children of the owner couple.
It has the same pronunciation as "I miss you so much" in Taiwanese.
Plan your next vacation here.


Jiaxianglin sea view hotel
No.109, Minzu Rd., Magong City, Penghu County 880, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
+886 69274058      +886 910568785
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Monday to Friday 9AM to 6PM
訂房專線:06-9274058      0928370078(中華)

E-mail: twdb2007@yahoo.com.tw

Line ID : jxg109

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